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Ath Pavura is the first TV show to promote social entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. A pioneering initiative to find the hidden entrepreneurs scattered around the country who are solving social and environmental problems through their businesses. An ambitious programme to invest in aspiring social entrepreneurs to kick-start their businesses. And the opportunity of a life time for existing social entrepreneurs to showcase their business on television, and secure investment to jump to the next curve.

Ath Pavura literally means “Elephant Wall”. Sri Lanka is world famous for its majestic elephants roaming freely across the forests. They are intelligent, social and playful animals. Elephant symbolism is found all around the country and all throughout Sri Lanka’s 2,600 year long history. In the nature, the Tuskers form a wall standing next to each other to protect their young ones.

The Tuskers represent Impact Investors in Sri Lanka, the successful entrepreneurs, the rich and the benevolent, those who have a track record of doing good business. They will be waiting patiently to hear the business pitches of the social entrepreneurs. And social entrepreneurs, the young elephants will face this Wall of Elephants to prove their business idea, its viability, its Impact to the society and the environment.

And if they are successful in convincing the Impact Investors, they will win the investment they seek, right there, on the spot, with a little pat on the back just like how the elephants do. What’s unique about Ath Pavura is that every contestant stands an equal chance to secure the investment they need to start and grow their social business. Please click the Learn More button to visit our website. ath paura eth paura eth pavura

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